Student from Leiden University will reconstruct a Stone Age house.

Arachaeologists and students from Leiden University are going to build a reconstruction of a late Stone Age house. From 20-31 August, Leiden Archaeology students will be working on a reconstruction of a Late Stone Age house (from the second half of the Vlaardingen culture, ca. 2,900-2,500 BC). The project will be supervised by prof. dr. Annelou van Gijn and architects Diederik Pomstra and Hans de Haas, in collaboration with Staatsbosbeheer (State Forest Management). The project is funded by the Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds.

The archaeologists want to know how a house was build about 4000 years ago, how efficiently the different tools were, what challenges the materials offered, and what the implementation of such a project meant for a local community.

For the construction of the house, only Stone Age tools such as stone axes, bone adzes and flint sickles will be used. As this is a scientific experiment, the amount of used resources, tools and working hours will be documented.

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