Stonehenge now and (below) how it will look.

Stonehenge now and (below) how it will look.

English Heritage has unveiled its proposals for Stonehenge on its Website.  They are far reaching and imaginative and look as though they will restore the site to a much more natural state, while at the same time improving access for visitors.

They plan to get rid of the car park and put in a transit system like they use at The Eden Project from a new visitor centre 1.5 miles away. They’re also closing the A344 road that runs beside the monument and grassing it over.  The new visitor centre will have a large shop, cafe and exhibition area.  It will have car and coach parks screened behind trees and the contours of the landscape.  From here visitors can either catch a four-trailer transit system (like the Eden Project) or can walk to Stonehenge which will be returned to its position as the focal point of the landscape

future-aerial-view_newJudging by the artist’s impressions, the overall effect is one of enabling modern visitors to experience and appreciate Stonehenge in a way that is not all that different from the way our Neolithic ancestors experienced it.

Overall it looks like better access for more people, less damaging modern building, and returning the site to a more original state.  See their proposals here

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