About Richard Milton

I’m a writer and journalist with a lifelong interest in prehistoric archaeology.  I’m fascinated by how our ancestors managed to survive and colonise the whole planet with nothing more than the clothes they stood up in and the implements they were able to fashion from flint and other materials.

I’m lucky enough to live in the South Downs, so finding flint implements is relatively easy and I’ve illustrated the different kinds of tools and how they are made on my website which I’ve called The Museum of The Stone Age.  It’s at http://www.stoneagetools.co.uk.  Do pay me a visit and let me know what you think.


Books by Richard Milton on http://www.amazon.com

2 thoughts on “About Richard Milton”

  1. Kathy Friel said:

    Found your website very informative and useful. Thank you.

  2. Robin Stokes. said:

    Nice to meet you Mr. Milton. Could you keep me updated on Langstone islands.

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